Monday, March 17, 2008

Take a whiff

The other day I received a sweet smelling "Get Well" card. I thought my thoughtful friend might have squirted a dab of her yummy Chanel perfume on the paper stock until I flipped it over and read that it was in fact scented stationery.

Never hearing of such a thing, I got on Google and started researching. In case you were unaware like me, there is an entire industry devoted to this trend.

My favorite scented find are these boxed stationery sets from Neiman Marcus online that come in rosewood, orange blossom and green tea aromas. Inside the pretty patterned boxes are 24 cards and envelopes as well as a "refresher vial" to keep the paper smelling pretty.

Disclaimer: It's my fave purely on aesthetics, I have not smelled the stationery. But in my opinion, a girl can never go wrong with something from Neiman Marcus.

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